Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between this WebApp version and the original Standalone Version?

Answer: The WebApp version is a hosted web application, there is no installation, no database configuration, no updates to install!

Does it cost anything to use MediaWiki CSV Import?

Answer: Yes, full access to the Web Application is provided for a one-time payment of $7.99 USD. FREE accounts can only export a maximum of 15 pages using the tool.

What exactly is a merged file?

Answer: In the context of this App, the Merged file is the combination of your CSV data merged with the template you defined. This file is a valid MediaWiki XML Import file. You can take this file, login to your MediaWiki site ( as SysOp or Admin), goto SpecialPages::Import and upload.

Can the tool output a single page with all of the CSV data on it?

Answer: No, not in the current version, we plan to add this in the future. Meanwhile, checkout this tool by Daniel Kinzler

My CSV file contains encoded language characters, will mwcsvimport be able to preserve them?

Answer: The tool expects the file you upload to be UTF-8 encoded, we recommend an encoding aware text editor such as notepad++ if you need to convert your file. Beware, Microsoft Excel will sometimes cause encoding problems.

When I Import into Mediawiki it says "All revisions were previously imported"

Answer: The resulting XML file has a timestamp which is generated in UTC. If your server/host is configured for a timezone behind UTC, the page will be importeed but is considered a revision in the past. To get around this issue there are several options, 1:) run your host (running mediawiki) at UTC time, 2:) open the XML file in a text editor and modify the time values before importing. 3:) Wait several hours before importing the XML file. If this becomes a problem we will add a timezone offset configuration option for exporting.

What languages are supported in mwcsvimport?

Answer: Currently, mwcsvimport has been translated into about 20 languages but these translations are generated using Google Translate and may not be very accurate. If you are interested helping with translation read more here.

What browsers are support?

Answer: Our goal is to support all major browsers including IE7+, Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Most of the UI styling does not display well in IE and it's something we are probably not going to bother with, we encourage you to download a modern browser, you will thank us! If you find a glitch in WebApp please Report a Bug.

What technology was used to develop this app?

Answer: The application is written in PHP & Javascript, it leverages the CakePHP Framework, jQuery, and runs on Apache2, PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.1, and Ubuntu Linux.