How to Use

1: Upload your CSV data file

Choose 'Upload CSV'
Click 'Choose File' and select your CSV file
(Optionally) define the Field Seperator character
Click 'Upload'

2: Add a template

Click on the Dataset you uploaded in setup 1
Click the 'Add Template' button.
Input your template's Title, Body.
Using the provided variables and Mediawiki markup form your template.

3: Generate a Merge file

Click the green 'Generate Merge File' button.
Click the blue 'Download' button and save the downloaded XML file.

4: Import the generated Merge file into your Mediawiki site

Login to your Mediawiki installation with SysOp privileges.
Click on Specials Pages.
Scroll down and click 'Import pages'
Click 'Choose File'
Choose the generated XML file and click 'Open'
Click 'Upload file'