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The MediaWiki CSV Import tool makes creating wiki pages easy.

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JimboLos AngelesGeminiBlue33Clownjimbo-the-clown.jpg
PattyDallasCancerPink26Balloon Artistpatty-pie.jpg
LupeMexico CityPiscesOrange29Jugglerlupe-loop.jpg
{$Name} is a {$Sign} and currently is a {$Occupation} in {$Hometown}.

{$Name}'s favorite color is {$FavColor} and is {$Age} years old.


Jimbo is a Gemini and currently is a Clown in Los Angeles.

Jimbo's favorite color is Blue and is 33 years old.


Patty is a Cancer and currently is a Balloon Artist in Dallas.

Patty's favorite color is Pink and is 26 years old.


Lupe is a Pisces and currently is a Juggler in Mexico City.

Lupe's favorite color is Orange and is 29 years old.

MediaWiki CSV Import is a web-based tool designed with MediaWiki sites owners and administrators in mind.

The tool builds MediaWiki XML Import files from CSV formatted data and an associated template file. The template file can contain wiki markup and variables that represent each column in the csv file such as {$Name}, {$Price}.

The XML files are generated in MediaWiki's page import format. Once generated you can upload the XML file from the Special Pages:Import page of your wiki to generate pages in bulk. This is an easy way to prepopulate a Wiki with a large number of pages generated from structure data (CSV).