Terms & Conditions

By creating an account to access applications or services provided by PRONIQUE Software I understand there is not warranty and I am using the software "as is". I understand that PRONIQUE Software is not responsible for data loss or breach of data uploaded to this or any other web application. I understand that I need to download the mwcsvimport application and install on my own machine if I will be working with sensitive data of any type.

Access is granted to the application at the descretion of PRONIQUE Software. PRONIQUE Software reserves the right to terminate my account (and delete any associated data) if they detect that I have been using the application in an abusive or inappropriate manner. I will not conduct illegal activity such as hacking, spamming, splogging in association with using this software. If I do, my account will be termination.

I understand there is not guarantee to preserve older data. If required PRONIQUE Software may purge data older than six months. I understand I should download and install the application in my own environment if I require longer data retention. I understand the server(s) that host the mwcsvimport web application have a set memory limits that may impeed large uploads, imports, and merges. If I encounter such errors while trying import large files I will download and install the application in my environment.

I understand that full access to web app requires a one-time payment of $7.99 USD, and it grants me access to use the software. My payment does not guarantee that the application will work for all cases or senerios. If I encounter any obscure errors I understand that I can contact PRONIQUE Software to try and resolve the error but that such senerios do not warrant a refund of my $7.99 USD payment.

I understand that the one-time payment does not entitle me to support or assistance using the application. PRONIQUE software can provide such support and custom development at a rate of $50/hr.